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100% Raw Canada powerlifting set to debut in Atlantic Canada

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - The powerlifting community will soon have a choice of federations for competition in Atlantic Canada as Team Indy Powerlifting and 100% Raw Canada  present the first 100% Raw Canada powerlifting Atlantic Raw Lift-Off hits into Souris Regional School on Saturday, Oct. 27.

And organizer Larry LeBlanc said he’e ready for the first event east of Alberta flying the 100% Raw banner.

“After several months of negotiations and planning, we are excited to bring forth a choice of federations for the competitive powerlifters in the region,” said LeBlanc in a release. “And with a cap of 56 athletes, we expect the Atlantic Lift-Off roster to fill up fast.”

The 100% Raw Federation is an international organization that’s conducted business for 15 years in 17 countries. With each nation operating autonomously from the main federation, each holds meets and a national championship each year ending in the world championship competition overseen by the main federation. All events must be held in accordance with the federation’s constitution and rules of competition with every meet requiring the drug testing of a minimum of 10 per cent athletes.

Tom Nicholls, Team Indy spokesman and three-time world champion, said teaming up is good for both organizations as a way to draw in new lifters. 

“When we considered offering a new federation for powerlifting athletes, it was essential that the option be credible in terms of being organized, competitive, clean and affordable for members and the 100% Raw Federation is all of those,” said Nicholls. “The purpose is not to compete with the status quo as such, but rather to offer up a choice for athletes to compete and welcome new lifters to the sport. One of the things we found in our research was that a good number of powerlifters lifting in the 100% Raw events in Western Canada are members of and compete in both federations.”

By comparison there are very few differences between 100% Raw and the current federation with the rules of competition basically the same in both. There are more weight classes and age categories as well as a classic division where knee sleeves during the squat are permitted. 

Meet directors are required to drug test a minimum of 10 per cent of all competitors in each meet with the freedom to expand that number as they wish. In addition, there are several competitive options beyond the traditional three lift - squat, bench press and deadlift - powerlifting competition. 

LeBlanc said the competition level between the two are similar.

“By comparison, both federations are all but even and if you check the current national and world records, you find the numbers are more than respectable,” said LeBlanc. “We expect a number of the lifters at the Atlantic Lift-Off will have national records in their sights, but it won’t be an easy feat to achieve by any means. 

Adam Price, founder and co-chair of 100% Raw Canada Federation, said the organization is excited to welcome Team Indy as host. 

“We are very happy to welcome the powerlifting community from Atlantic Canada into the family and I will be headed to P.E.I. for the event. The region has, and continues to produce many of the top powerlifters in the country, and welcoming them onboard to our organization is the best way I can think of to celebrate 100% Raw Canada’s eighth anniversary,” said Price.

Athletes can register or contact Team Indy at its Facebook page for more information.

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