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The City of Charlottetown is exploring setting up a modular docking system at Victoria Park.
The City of Charlottetown is exploring setting up a modular docking system at Victoria Park. - Contributed

Island youth expressed strong support for accessible new additions, events and activities



In response to the objections of Kirsten Conner and Gary Walker, with regards to the proposed floating docks in Victoria Park, I think that it may be time for younger voices to be heard in these discussions.

While I respect their commitment to preserving Charlottetown’s heritage and the natural beauty and serenity of Victoria Park, it’s frustrating to watch squeaky wheels citing 150-year-old bylaws and protesting well-intended additions to our beautiful little city.

There are plenty of ways for this community to enjoy Victoria Park.

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Let us not forget that the tennis courts, swimming pool, baseball diamonds and playground equipment were all once considered “pending degradations” to the park’s natural beauty, and now serve as some of the city’s most valuable pieces of infrastructure.

Whether or not a floating dock is the best use of $50,000 may be a matter that we all share different opinions about, but Island youth have expressed a strong support for accessible new additions, events, and activities in our parks and green spaces, and this kind of waterfront access is certainly a move in that direction.

We are blessed to have access to clean, swimmable water. Why should we not find as many ways as possible to take advantage of that?

I, for one, think that the dreaded “carnival atmosphere” that Walker refers to is the exact same thing that is making Charlottetown a more vibrant, interesting and attractive place to live and visit and we should refuse to let this blind resistance to change handcuff the city and prevent progress.

We need new voices to speak up and express support for this kind of positive investment in community infrastructure.

- Mikey Wasnidge is a Charlottetown-based event organizer and previous board member of Fusion Charlottetown, a youth organization dedicated to making Charlottetown a better place to work, play and live.

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