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Contact The Guardian to submit a letter to the Editor. - SaltWire Network


I want to thank The Guardian (and its cub reporter) for covering the Canadian National Oldtimers Baseball Championships (hosted by Charlottetown) so well during this past weekend. The P.E.I. team in the 50-plus category was gracious, good-humoured and great representatives of the province. The final game going into extra innings was exciting, and in the end, the better-skilled and deeper team won.

My family visited the island for the first time and my two young kids have declared this to be a magical place. We took in the Anne musical, ate lobster, visited your beautiful beaches, kayaked at a friend's place near Victoria West, ‎ drank wonderful craft beer or raspberry cordials while enjoying music outdoors and enjoyed speaking to the friendliest people we have ever met.

I knew when I was here six years ago for the last tournament I had to bring those closest to me to experience everything this proud province had to offer. Thanks again.

Todd Kuiack,

Braumeister's Baseball Club,

Ottawa, Ont.

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