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I am a fan of Mayor Clifford Lee. He is an inspiration, for if Clifford Lee can be mayor of Prince Edward Island’s largest city, anyone can be mayor of Prince Edward Island's largest city. Mayor Lee has shown Prince Edward Islanders and Canadians from coast to coast that anyone can do anything they put their minds to it.

Rw88Việt nam ELATED: Clifford Lee to lead charge on housing in P.E.I.

Mayor Lee will now join the P.E.I. government as a special adviser for province's housing action plan where his wealth of knowledge as mayor will be a great asset to this file. People will have a chance to learn from a leader of historic achievement, who will be opinionated, feisty, and challenging, but also engaging and accessible all which made him a very successful mayor.

The Island government will benefit greatly from his presence on this file. He’s a no-nonsense leader, with an extraordinary record of accomplishment, dedicated to competent, honest, productive and even visionary government.

So, I tip my hat to various cabinet ministers and the entire government for putting Islanders concerns un front and making them a priority by addressing this issue and signing the ‘Wayne Gretzky of Mayors’ to such an important task.

I wish Mayor Lee well with his new position and just like the mailman, and as he did as mayor, he will deliver great results for such an important file.

Jeffery Warren Reynolds,


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