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While I did not follow the plastic bag debate in the legislature closely, I took interest in the short note in the editorial page Cheers and Jeers column. Why did the Liberals shut down the debate early? Anyway, I see our fair Isle going to ban plastic bags, permanently.

I have long been working at ridding my home of plastic bags and have walked out of stores with merchandize in hand. I have an accumulation of recyclable bags in the trunk of my car, but do forget to take them into stores occasionally.

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I think I had the right idea when I wrote my novel, launched in June 2017. The main character, Corrigible Clark is the head of the Plastic Police Unit in Charlottetown and her job is to call upon businesses encouraging them to sign up to be plastic free. The book is a spoof titled Lady and the Plant(s) and is full of surprises and fun.

Having said that, maybe having a Plastic Police Unit in Charlottetown is not such a bad idea. Where do plants fit into the story? Just buy the book and find out. You'll love it when Corrigible comes on strong during an all-out riot at Walmart due to customers having to pay for plastic bags. The P.E.I. government took heed and declared an all-our ban on plastic bags Island-wide.

Kathy Birt,


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