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Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island
Provincial Court of Prince Edward Island - SaltWire Network

A judge spared a young Island man jail time even though he continues to demonstrate a chronic lack of respect for court orders.

Chief provincial court Judge Nancy Orr told Justin Wendell Gillespie, 22, he could have received a substantial period of incarceration for failing to attend a probation meeting considering his prior record includes several court breaches.

Rather, Orr chose to fine Gillespie $1,000 and order him to pay $300 to the victim of crime fund.

Gillespie, the court heard, had no excuse for skipping out on the scheduled probation meeting other than laziness.

“As noted, this is a stupid matter,’’ said Orr, who added Gillespie could have avoided the charge by simply placing a call to probation services.

Gillespie’s lawyer noted the man “does not deny that he has made bad decisions.’’

On the plus side, the lawyer added Gillespie is described as a good employee, accepts responsibility for his actions, and has been attending addiction services.

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