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Kyle McQuaid has had a variety of sleeping quarters of late.

McQuaid, 34, had been staying at his sister’s apartment in Stratford before being barred from the building due to complaints from tenants.

He returned June 9 to spend the night in the furnace room of the Glen Stewart Drive apartment building.

Police were called, and McQuaid was arrested.

His accommodations have been in the Provincial Correctional Facility since the arrest.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to “interfering in the lawful use’’ of the furnace room.

He was sentenced to 45 days in jail but was credited with 33 days for time served on remand.

McQuaid was also sentenced to 45 days for breach of probation but was credited 45 days for time served.

He was given another 15 days in jail for a second breach, leaving him with 27 days left to serve.

He was assessed $100 victim of crime surcharges on each of the three convictions.

He is also barred from being within 500 metres of the Glen Steward Drive apartment building.

Court heard McQuaid is doing well with his methadone program and is taking medication for anxiety and depression.

McQuaid will also be able to stay with his grandmother upon release from jail while he looks for a permanent place to live, his lawyer noted.

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