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Skid marks on pavement.
Skid marks left on Alberton's Main Street by the driver of a half-ton truck received many complaints from residents and drew questions from Communities in Bloom judges. - 123RF Stock Photo

Incident happened one day before DiverseCity Multicultural Festival and drew questions from Communities in Bloom judges

ALBERTON, P.E.I. - It couldn’t have happened at a more inappropriate time.

Late at night on July 21 a half-ton truck was seen and heard squealing tires up and down Main Street in Alberton.

The RCMP was called, but the truck left the area before a patrol car arrived.

The marks from the activity, however, remained clearly visible.

During the monthly meeting of Alberton Town Council Monday night, chief administrative officer Susan Wallace-Flynn said she received more complaints on July 23 about the one incident than she did the previous two months combined. The complaints continued to flow in the following day.

“The complaints and concerns were about embarrassment to the town since the next day (July 22) was the DiverseCity Multicultural event, which attracted many people,” she said.

Wallace-Flynn told council she was stuck for an answer on July 24 when Communities in Bloom judges asked how the marks got there and about policing for the town.

Wallace-Flynn said some callers even wanted the person responsible to be made to clean off the marks with a toothbrush.

The monthly RCMP report indicated the incident remains under investigation and the two surveillance videos are being examined for evidence.

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