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The Lefurgey Cultural Centre.
The Lefurgey Cultural Centre. - Contributed

Thiren Smallman will put his love for ships on display with his first solo exhibit at the Lefurgey Cultural Centre.

The centre is located as part of the Wyatt Heritage Properties in Summerside.

Smallman, 69, was born on a farm in western P.E.I. His dream was to go to sea as a sailor in the Canadian navy but rheumatic fever at the age of 14 took the dream away.

However, it didn’t kill his love of the ships. He studied and read about many of them and thought of them as his heroes.

The Bluenose was one such ship and, in 2002, Smallman, who works as a dump truck driver and carpenter, challenged himself to build from scratch simply by looking at a photograph, a model of the famous Nova Scotia ship. It launched his artistic journey and he has never looked back. He went on to build ships such as the Marco Polo, The Phantom Ship, the Edmond FitzGerald, Queen Mary, Titanic and more. His work, much of which is by commission, has sold as far as Ontario.

Smallman’s exhibit will run through July and August and can be viewed Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the centre at 205 Prince St.

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